Presentation of ECOMOF

ECOMOF, the not-to-be-missed event

ECOMOF stands out as the must-attend event of 2024, bringing together leaders and experts from the mining and petroleum sectors in the heart of West Africa. This meeting offers a unique opportunity to explore investment opportunities, share cutting-edge knowledge and establish strategic partnerships in an environment conducive to networking. With a focus on sustainable development, responsible practices, and value creation in the mining and petroleum sectors, ECOMOF 2024, under the theme "Geo-extractive resources and technologies: pooling strategies to create added value in West Africa"will help shape the future of these industries in West Africa. As a platform for the exchange of innovative ideas, in-depth debate on current issues and the formulation of strategic recommendations, this event will play a key role in positioning West Africa as a major player on the international natural resources scene. For anyone looking to be at the forefront of developments in the mining and petroleum sectors and actively contribute to their sustainable growth, ECOMOF 2024 remains the must-attend event of 2024.

Map of ECOWAS Member States

At ECOMOF, you can expect an immersive and dynamic experience.

ECOMOF 2024 promises an immersive and dynamic experience for all participants. With a carefully designed programme including interactive sessions, cutting-edge discussions, innovative project presentations, and networking opportunities, the event aims to actively engage participants in the critical issues facing the mining and petroleum sectors in West Africa. Renowned experts, key decision-makers and representatives from the extractive industries will share their knowledge and perspectives, creating an environment conducive to learning and the exchange of ideas. From plenary sessions and interactive workshops to networking opportunities, ECOMOF 2024 will provide an enriching and dynamic experience for all participants wishing to contribute to the sustainable development of these strategic sectors.

ECOMOF is a showcase of major opportunities in the mining and oil sectors in the ECOWAS zone

ECOMOF is positioned as a key showcase, highlighting significant opportunities in the mining and petroleum sectors within the ECOWAS zone. By bringing together key players, government decision-makers, experts and investors, this event offers a unique platform to explore and seize these opportunities. Innovative projects, best practice discussions and dedicated investment sessions will help shape the future of the extractive industries in the region. ECOMOF is thus becoming the crossroads where opportunities present themselves, strategic partnerships are formed, and the promising future of the mining and petroleum sectors in ECOWAS takes shape.

In figures, ECOMOF is

  • Participants : Approximately 2000 attendeesincluding industry professionals, government representatives, experts, investors and exhibitors.
  • Extensive media coverage, with 400 journalists and more than 260 accredited national and international information relays;
  • More than 300 B2B meetings and more than 650 business meetings
  • Conferences: Several high-level conferences, panel discussions and themed sessions.
  • Nations represented : Participants from several countries, ECOWAS Member States, other African countries, Asia, Europe, North America and other regions.
  • Media coverage: Numerous national, international and specialist media covering the event.

Join us at ECOMOF 2024 as a sponsor or exhibitor

Joining ECOMOF 2024 as a sponsor or exhibitor offers an unrivalled strategic opportunity to position your organisation at the heart of the extractive industries in West Africa. By participating in this premier event, you will benefit from exceptional visibility with decision-makers, experts and professionals from the ECOWAS mining and petroleum sectors. As a sponsor, your brand will be associated with innovation, sustainable development and the creation of added value in these crucial areas. As an exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to showcase your products, services or projects to a targeted audience, while establishing strategic partnerships and exploring new business opportunities. Seize this opportunity to be an integral part of ECOMOF 2024, where opportunities are realised and your contribution will help shape the dynamic future of the extractive industries in West Africa.

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