Become a Delegate

Being a delegate at ECOMOF 2024 offers you a rewarding experience, enabling you to keep abreast of industry developments, develop your professional contacts and contribute to the dialogue on issues crucial to the region.

Accès Privilégié : Get exclusive access to high-level sessions, specialist discussions and presentations by leading experts.

Quality Networking : Expand your network by interacting with government decision-makers, business leaders, industry experts and other influential professionals.

In-Depth Perspectives : Gain in-depth knowledge of the latest market trends, technological innovations and critical issues facing the extractive industries in West Africa.

Business Opportunities : Identify business opportunities, explore potential partnerships and discover innovative projects in the mining and petroleum sectors.

Active participation : Contribute actively to the debates, share your perspectives and engage in in-depth discussions with key players in the sector.

Professional visibility : Raise your profile as a player committed to sustainable development and innovation in the extractive industries.

Access to Experts : Interact with industry experts, ask questions, and take advantage of direct learning opportunities.

Access to Resources : Access strategic information, market reports and exclusive resources that can inform your business decisions.

Immersive Experience : Enjoy an immersive experience at the heart of the key developments that will shape the future of the mining and petroleum sectors in ECOWAS.

Become a Delegate

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